The Elephant Show: Lois, Sharon, and Bram

Get ready to be transported back in time with “The Elephant Show: Lois, Sharon, and Bram.” This beloved children’s television program captured the hearts of millions with its delightful songs, lovable characters, and unforgettable adventures. Join Lois, Sharon, and Bram as they entertain and educate young viewers, taking them on a vibrant journey filled with laughter, music, and of course, elephants! Get ready for a nostalgic trip down memory lane with this iconic show that has left an indelible mark on generations of viewers.

The Elephant Show: Lois, Sharon, and Bram

The Elephant Show: Lois, Sharon, and Bram

Background of the Elephant Show

The Elephant Show is a beloved children’s television program that captivated audiences around the world. It starred the talented trio, Lois, Sharon, and Bram, who became known for their catchy songs, vibrant personalities, and engaging performances. The show aired from 1984 to 1988, and its unique blend of music, storytelling, and educational content made it a favorite among children and adults alike.

Formation of Lois, Sharon, and Bram

Lois Lilienstein, Sharon Hampson, and Bram Morrison, the stars of The Elephant Show, came together to form the iconic group in the early 1980s. They each brought their own expertise and passion for music, which proved to be a winning combination. With Lois’s incredible vocals, Sharon’s energetic stage presence, and Bram’s musical versatility, the trio quickly found themselves creating a magical musical partnership.

The Elephant Show: Lois, Sharon, and Bram

The Popular Characters

Lois, Sharon, and Bram’s success can be attributed not only to their musical talents but also to the delightful characters they portrayed on The Elephant Show. Lois was the quirky and loveable elephant, aptly named “Lois the Elephant.” Sharon took on the role of “Sharon the Skunk,” a mischievous and fun-loving character, and Bram became “Bram the Moose,” known for his gentle and wise demeanor. The chemistry and camaraderie among these characters became a trademark of the show, endearing them to generations of fans.

TV Show and Albums

The Elephant Show’s television series quickly gained popularity due to its entertaining and educational content. The lively music segments, led by Lois, Sharon, and Bram, were a hit among young viewers. The show’s success also extended to the release of albums, featuring the group’s memorable songs. Songs like “Skinnamarink” and “Peanut Butter Sandwich” became instant classics, and children everywhere would eagerly sing along to their catchy tunes.

The Elephant Show: Lois, Sharon, and Bram

Live Shows and Tours

To the delight of their enthusiastic fans, Lois, Sharon, and Bram took their talents beyond the television screen. They embarked on numerous live shows and tours, bringing their vibrant energy and beloved characters to stages across North America. These live performances allowed children to experience the magic of The Elephant Show firsthand, with interactive sing-alongs, dances, and storytelling sessions. The trio’s ability to connect with their young audience on a personal level only further solidified their status as children’s entertainment icons.

Awards and Recognitions

The lasting impact of Lois, Sharon, and Bram’s contributions to children’s entertainment is evident in the numerous awards and recognitions they received throughout their career. They were honored with multiple Juno Awards, Canada’s highest music accolades. Their albums consistently topped charts, and their live performances garnered critical acclaim. Beyond the entertainment industry, the trio was recognized for their charitable work and dedication to early childhood education, solidifying their reputation as not only talented performers but also compassionate individuals.

The Elephant Show: Lois, Sharon, and Bram

Impact and Legacy

Lois, Sharon, and Bram’s legacy extends far beyond their time on The Elephant Show. Their music, filled with catchy melodies and positive messages, continues to resonate with audiences of all ages. Their emphasis on inclusivity, kindness, and imagination inspired countless children to embrace their unique qualities and dream big. Many artists credit Lois, Sharon, and Bram as early influences on their own careers in music and entertainment, further showcasing their enduring impact.

Recent Projects

While The Elephant Show may have come to an end in 1988, the influence of Lois, Sharon, and Bram persists. The trio has remained active in the children’s entertainment industry, releasing new albums and embarking on special reunion tours. These projects serve as both a nostalgic reminder of the beloved television show and an opportunity for a new generation to experience their magic. Despite the passage of time, Lois, Sharon, and Bram’s unwavering commitment to bringing joy to children’s lives continues to shine through their recent endeavors.

The Elephant Show: Lois, Sharon, and Bram


The Elephant Show, with its unforgettable trio of Lois, Sharon, and Bram, holds a special place in the hearts of many. Their infectious energy, timeless music, and genuine love for their audience made them household names and true legends in the world of children’s entertainment. Even decades after its original airing, The Elephant Show continues to bring smiles to faces and inspire children to believe in themselves. Lois, Sharon, and Bram will forever represent a cherished era of wholesome and joyous television programming that shaped the lives of countless children across the globe.


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